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District heating of buildings publicationK1_EN

The compliance of the regulations and guidelines in this publication is determined in the private-law contract between the customer and the heat vendor.

This publication, District heating in
buildings (K1/2013), defines basic requirements for the design, installation
and devices of the district heating equipment in the building. These guidelines
give directions for district heating substations: their connection schemes as
well as quality control and inspections.


Uniform guidelines for the entire country are
in the interest of all those operating in the sector. Uniform requirements for
the functions and fittings of the devices reduce costs and increase
competitiveness in district heating. 


Note: This publication is a translation of the
corresponding recommendation in Finnish. In any cases of ambiguity in
interpretation, the Finnish-language instructions shall be complied with.

Download Poistoilmalampopumppu_kaukolampotaloon_ohjeet_suunnittelijalle (PDF) Download Poistoilmalampopumppu_kaukolampotaloon_ohjeet_taloyhtiolle (PDF) Download Lämmönjakokeskusten kytkennät_Välisyöttökytkentä ja ns. kaksivetoinen käyttövesisiirrin (PDF)
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