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Energy sector as an employer

The energy sector employs skilled professionals nationwide. The labour market within this sector is constantly evolving, diversifying and becoming more international.

A sector full of opportunities

The energy sector directly employs 23,000 people, of which around 16,000 are employed by member companies of Finnish Energy. The sector’s indirect employment impact is significantly broader, amounting to approximately 19,000 person-years. The total employment effect of the sector exceeds 42,000 person-years. Alongside their subcontractors and partners, energy companies are significant local employers. 

Approximately three-quarters of the staff in member companies are clerical or senior clerical employees. They work in a various roles related to planning, research, customer service, and management. About one-quarter of the staff are employees responsible for installations, maintenance, and repairs that require strong professional skills.

The energy sector and its specialist roles are becoming more international, but jobs will not move abroad in the future. The energy sector operates nationwide, and unlike many other industries, the demand for labour extends across the entire country. The salary level in the energy sector is at the top of Finnish industries.

The future in the energy sector

The job market in the energy sector is continuously evolving and diversifying. Technological change in the energy sector, increased climate and environmental awareness, and the growing need for energy production are influencing job evolution and creating new employment opportunities. The energy sector is committed to ambitious climate targets, and as the energy transition progresses, some traditional jobs will disappear, making way for new specialist roles focusing on complex reasoning and advancing technology utilisation.

Finnish Energy has reflected on the changing world of work in the Labour Market Scenario 2025 project. Data for the scenario has been collected through an online brainstorming session, small group workshops, and various interim report feedback rounds. 

On the Labour Market Scenario 2025 page, you can find the final project report as well as the main results of the online brainstorming session and the five scenarios developed during the small group workshops. Please note that the material is only available in Finnish.

Additionally, Finnish Energy conducts an annual skills needs survey for its member companies to monitor short-term change needs. The results of the survey are available to members on the member extranet (in Finnish only). You can also ask our expert (contact details below) to present these results, for example at your own event.

Our expert on this topic

Henna Hirvonen

Senior Advisor

Labour Market

Henna Hirvonen

Senior Advisor

Labour Market

+358 40 768 1365

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