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    Finnish Energy

    - is an organisation for the industrial and labour market policy of the energy sector. 

Workshop on Extending a Carbon Price Signal to the Heating Sector

Although individual heating emits approximately 600 million tons of CO2 annually (more than total emissions from the UK) these emissions are not covered neither by the EU ETS or harmonized measures. This situation contradicts the long-term decarbonisation goals of the EU. According to a recent study by GreenStream, the emission trading scheme could be an appropriate tool to establish a carbon price signal on the heating market and steer investments towards low-carbon solutions.

Energy efficiency should be used as a flexible tool to reach GHG emission target

Energy efficiency measures implemented in 2008-2014 in the industrial, municipal and property and building sectors reduced Finland’s annual energy consumption by a total of 12 TWh. The savings equal 3.2 per cent of Finland’s total energy consumption. In 2014, energy services generated over 1 TWh additional savings in customer’s energy use. All this has happened in Finland on market basis.