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KELPO – Development of the licensing and qualification processes for the systems and equipment of nuclear facilities in Finland

The purpose of the KELPO-project started in 2018 is to suggest ways to develop the licensing and qualification practices in Finland. The Project is a co-operation of the Finnish license holders/licensees, to which also the Finnish nuclear authority STUK participated. As a result, changes to make the licensing and qualification practices more functional are proposed. The first phase of the Project focused on mechanical equipment in lower safety classes as well as on the Finnish licensing framework. However, the goal is to utilize the results in EU-level development work later. The objectives of the Project were set as: widening the use of the graded approach principle, utilizing standard equipment and securing a comprehensive supplier network as well as increasing co-operation between license holders.

Download KELPO_-_Loppuraportti (PDF) Download Liite_1_-_Nykyinen_malli (PDF) Download Liite_2_-_Ehdotettu_menettely_paallekkaisen_tyon_poistamiseksi (PDF) Download Liite_3_-_Ehdotettu_uusi_menettely (PDF) Download Liite_4_-_Nykykaytannon_ja_ehdotetun_uuden_menettelyn_vertailu (PDF) Download Liite_5_-_Laitevaatimusmaarittelyn_rakenne_ja_sisalto (PDF)
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