Statistics support a sustainable advocacy

Statistics are an important part of advocacy. It is essential that reliable research data and statistics are available during the preparation stage of the regulations and policies. Decisions made are then based on facts. Compilation of statistics services sustainable policymaking.

Finnish Energy compiles statistics on electricity and district heating. We publish monthly statistics forecasting the procurement and consumption of electricity. In addition, we compile yearly data on regional and municipal level. We also report data on power outage.

We publish yearly an exhaustive district heating statistical publication which contains company specific information about the sector. In addition, we publish information on district heating prices, interruptions and technical statistics on district heating.

Finnish Energy produces also expert brochures and publications and supports research in the energy sector through research pools. Large part of Finnish Energy’s publications, studies and research reports can be found under publications.

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Energy year 2017 - District heat



Energy year 2017 - Electricity