Finnish Energy promotes a long-term energy policy

The energy and climate policy has been implemented in Finland for several decades. The current Government’s key tool in this work is the energy and climate strategy, which will be presented to the Parliament in late 2016. With the strategy, Finland will put into action the obligations of the EU energy and climate package aiming for 2030 and the national energy plan in accordance with the governance model for the EU energy union. 
Finnish Energy promotes policies that

• are sustainable and consistent
• promote the development of a market-driven operating environment.

An increasing number of decisions concerning the energy and climate policies are taken in the European Union, and therefore the majority of national legislation related to energy and climate is based on EU legislation. A functioning energy market, safeguarding the availability of energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions have become the key focus areas in the EU’s operations.
The European Union’s energy policy has three main objectives: 

• sustainable development 
• maintaining competitiveness 
• taking care of the security of supply 

These three objectives are pursued through improved energy efficiency, introduction of new technologies and better utilisation of renewable energy sources.

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