Sustainable advocacy

The main task of Finnish Energy is to promote favourable operating conditions and competitiveness of its member companies. Advocacy means activities to influence on the formation of policies, legislation, decision-making in cooperation with various institutions and the media. It may consist of:

  • Dissemination of correct information to decision-makers in support of their projects
  • Increasing social acceptability of their projects 

Code of conduct

Policy advocacy must be open, honest and ethically acceptable.

Finnish Energy's advocacy is based on solid expertise, facts, and integrity. Matters that reflect negatively on us must also be acknowledged honestly. Failing to communicate this information would be regarded as being dishonest.

Finnish Energy does not in any way hand out gifts that may have an impact on decision-making or result in some degree of dependence between the parties. 

Finnish Energy is registered in the transparency register operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Our identification number is 68861821910-84.

7 theses for sustainable advocacy

  1. A lobbyist is the best support for a decision-maker
  2. It is too late to build relations when they are needed
  3. Good preparation is half the battle
  4. Know Finnish Energy's opinions and statistical facts related to your issue
  5. You can lose someone’s trust only once
  6. Genuinely believe in the matter you are representing
  7. Never give up

Further information