The foundation for a safe society is built today. The energy decisions we take now will have a crucial impact on the ability of mitigating climate change and the future development of Finnish welfare.

Finnish Energy wants to support this development, which directs Finland towards low-emission, energy-efficient solutions with extensive utilisation of Finnish expertise in the field. The energy sector wants to be a forerunner in sustainable development.

Finnish Energy aims to improve the investment possibilities of energy companies in Finland. For years, out of all the industries, the energy sector has been the greatest investor in Finland. When the operating environment is stable and predictable, the energy industry will have improved possibilities for extensive investment and the price of energy will remain competitive.


This is how we do it
  • We undertake a reform in the energy industry in a responsible way and renew ourselves in the same process
  • We carefully listen to the needs and wishes of current and new members
  • We openly build partnerships, get excited about cooperation and understand different stakeholders on a broad range
  • We extend our influence in an expert and professional way, utilise the latest knowledge and are competent in the use of communication channels
Carbone neutral vision for electricity and district heating for 2050

Finnish Energy has drafted its vision to back up Finland’s climate and energy vision. Vision’s target is carbon neutral electricity and district heating generation which supports economic growth by 2050. Vision was created in research cooperation and it was adopted in 2009.

Vision aims for low emissions in electricity and heat generation and replacing fossil fuels by electricity and district heating in housing, mobility and business. Well-being, competitiveness, domestic aspects and security of supply should also be considered.  By achieving these goals it is possible to:

  • Have carbon neutral energy generation – mainly with renewables and nuclear energy
  • Improve energy self sufficiency
  • Improve energy efficiency, total energy consumption will diminish while electricity consumption grows
  • Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions will halve with the help of electricity and district heating
  • Purchasing power will grow faster that the prices of electricity and district heat
  • Finland’s energy trade balance will improve