Membership services of Finnish Energy 

We provide advice and training: 

Our experts give advice on legal issues concerning the energy sector and employment, and we provide training in topical subjects.

We process data to support advocacy and decision-making: 

We compile statistics on the production of electricity and district heat and support research activities in the energy sector. We process data in support of the advocacy work and decision-making of our members.

We carry out development and improve efficiency for the benefit our our members and their customers: 

We prepare up-to-date guidelines and recommendations, develop model agreements, and provide information about issues having an impact on the energy sector in Finland, in the EU and on a global scale. 

Additional commercial services are offered to the members by Adato Energia Oy. These services include: 

  • Training (general and company-specific)
  • Customer communications (online and offline)
  • Information services (district heating extra, electricity network extra, electricity doctor,  energy package, news service)

Further information

Kerttula, Janne
Director, Service Industry and Membership Services
E-mail address:
twitter-icon @JanneKerttula