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Our goal is a carbon-neutral Finland, a country with a Nordic climate where the need for energy and energy production meet in a sustainable way. We will achieve this goal through long-term, smart energy solutions.

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Energy year 2016: Diverse renewables mix in district heating

Total amount of fuels used in district heating and related electricity generation was 55.5 TWh in 2016. Renewables accounted for 32 per cent of that, which is one percentage point less than in the previous year. However, the absolute amount of renewable fuels increased by 3.8 per cent.

Press releases


Energy Year 2016: Increase in electricity consumption

After several lean years, 2016 marked a turn in electricity consumption, which increased by 3.1 per cent. This can be estimated to indicate a pick-up in Finland’s economic development. Electricity consumption has always reflected economic activity and it is still doing so, even if industry as a driver is no longer necessarily working. This is the verdict of Jukka Leskelä, CEO of Finnish Energy, of the statistical data on Energy Year 2016.